How does an underground pet containment system work?
A wire that is buried along the perimeter of your property is attached to a transmitter that sends a radio signal through the line. Your pets wear a collar with a lightweight receiver on it. As he approaches the boundary wire the receiver picks up the signal and the dog hears a warning beep. This is typically set up to occur while the dog is 4 to 7 feet from the wire. A line of flags are installed are installed where the warning happens and that becomes your pet’s limit. If he goes beyond this line he will receive a mild shock that will startle, but not harm, your pet. It is critical that your pet be trained properly to understand, respect and respond the system.

Will it hurt my pet?
The system uses electrical stimulation to discourage your pet from moving past a predetermined perimeter. Your pet wears an electronic receiver attached to a collar. Two contact points on the back of the box, rest on the underside of your pet’s neck.
As your pet approaches the containment perimeter he receives an audible or, in some cases, a vibratory warning. If he continues to move toward the perimeter he will receive an unpleasant electrical stimulation. A pulse of static electricity travels between the contact points and through the superficial tissues on the underside of the neck. The dog quickly learns to respect the perimeter and then avoids stimulation completely.

What are the advantages of underground fencing over conventional fencing?
Cost: Underground fencing is a fraction of the cost of conventional fencing.
Function: Dogs are able to dig under most wooden or chain link wire fences.
Maintenance: Conventional fencing requires maintenance such as painting while underground fences only need collar batteries to be replaced every six months.
Beauty and Convenience: Underground fencing is invisible. Your lawn can grow over it and there are no obstacles to mowing. Conventional fencing capable of keeping pets in can be unattractive, difficult to mow near or around, and requires regular maintenance.

What is the difference between Rover Pet Control containment systems and kits you can
The main difference is the perimeter wire. The wire that comes in the kits is 20 gauge and can is easily broken. This frequently occurs during homeowner installation. We use 14 gauge solid core wire with a heavy duty coating. We carry four different collars and two transmitters and know which combination will work best with your pet.
We have the tools, experience and knowledge to install your fence quickly and locate it properly so that your pet can enjoy his yard. We have trained hundreds of dogs and know the stages your pet must go through to understand his fence.
You only have one chance to introduce your pet to the system. If he becomes frightened, it can take weeks to do the training. We know how to properly introduce your pet to the system for maximum effectiveness with minimal distress to the animal.

How much does it cost?
Underground containment systems are very economical. Complete systems, including installation and initial training of your pet, start at $650 (plus taxes) for an average subdivision lot. This type of fencing does not require any building permit, has no visual impact on your property and creates a perimeter within which you and your pet can safely enjoy each other’s company.