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Love this product!

We purchased this for our dog. He is part German Shepherd, part Collie. We live in the country and he kept visiting our neighbours cows. of course, we were afraid, even though he just wanted to play, that he would hurt their livestock.

We put the fence in and the collar on. We enjoy him so much because, instead of chasing him, we know he is safe and sound in the privacy of our property and he loves to be free with no chains or kennels. He has a kennel, but only if we are entertaining someone in the back yard who is nervous do we ever use it.

This is the BEST purchase we made. We tried the store bought fences but they did not work for us. Mike’s product is wonderful and, as long as you keep an eye on the batter and change it regularly, this is a God Sent Solution to a happy, healthy dog that does not wander for your peace of mind and your neighbours’ right to be pet free if they wish.

Bet, May 2010.

Great Experience

I was unsure of this technology at first. However, Mike walked me through it and it was great. He was patient and steady with Bo during the training. The installation was quick and clean and he has been awesome about follow-up. I would recommend Mike and Rover Pet Control to anyone looking to provide a safe containment system for their pet.

PM, Saint John, NB, May 2010

Safety and Peace of Mind

Mike with Rover Pet Control installed the system and trained our 4-year-old Belgian Shepherd in April, 2009. Mike’s quiet nature and gentle way of training worked wonderfully with our dog as she is quite timid of strangers. he is very thorough in training the owner and was there to provide guidance or recommendations when needed after the installation and training were completed.

This past week he reinstalled the perimeter flags and trained our five-month-old Belgian Shepherd puppy. I am still amazed at the freedom and safety that this system provides. It is a relief to be able to walk around the yard with the dogs, throw a Frisbee, and watch them play chase, knowing that they are safe from the road and won’t disturb someone walking by.

Lisa M., June, 2010