About us

In the early 1990s we rescued a then three year old Golden Retriever. Over time she had given our good neighbour trouble, running off of our property and annoying our neighbour. We thought that we would need to give her away.

I was sure there must be other ways to keep your dog at home and had researched electronic options. After locating a distributor in Ontario, I ordered a system to give it a try. The result was amazing. After a short training period, our dog was staying on our property. This solution was the best choice for my family, my neighbour and my dog. After this positive experience, whenever I drove past a dog tied in a yard or caged in a kennel I wanted to stop to tell their owners. So when the Potash Mine where I worked was closed due to a flood, I had the idea to start my own business in New Brunswick. I have been installing and training pets all over the province since 1998 with great success for all breeds, ages and animals.

I am a Professional Agricultural Engineer with over 35 years of experience in private and public industry. Fifteen of those years spent as a small business owner, installing  fence systems and training hundreds of pets. I am an active member of my community in Hampton, New Brunswick as a long time member of the Hampton Golf Club, and Hampton Junior Oldtimers hockey.