Rover Pet Control containment systems allow your pet enjoy his surroundings, play
freely outdoors with family members, and stay safe inside your yard for much less money
than a traditional fencing system. The underground pet fence system is a cost effective
alternative to conventional fencing. Your dog wears a lightweight receiver that give a
warning beep as he approaches his boundary and then a static correction if he continues
past. These systems are a safe, humane, and highly effective when your pet is properly
Your dog is safest at home on his own property. Rover Pet Control uses PetSafe®
transmitters and receivers in their containment systems. The system is installed on your
property by a professional. Our installer will then spend time to train your dog to the
system. His goal is to teach your dog to stay at home, safe from the hazards of traffic or
getting lost, or experiencing unwanted interactions with other dogs, livestock or people
passing by.
“You and Your Pet” is an informative brochure about the value of protecting your pet
from danger and yourself from the unwanted expense and heartache of treating an injury
resulting from exposure to hazards such as traffic, poisons or being lost for an extended
period of time.